Simple Maintenance Will Save You

By Rentwell

According to a recent survey, more than half of US homeowners (53%) do not perform annual maintenance on their home. The survey was conducted by HomeAdvisor, an online destination for home repair and improvement. 


Additionally 77% of homeowners reported that they were concerned about high electricity bills. Essentially, people are worried about bills but not worried enough to perform routine maintenance.Here's a few tips that could save you money in the long run. Sure frequent check-ups cost you time and money, but imagine how much money you could be losing on monthly electric bills, not to mention the amount it would cost you to get a full system replacement.


Heating and Cooling Systems: The Air Conditioners Contractors of America recommend that you service your air conditioner every year. This means you should contact a licensed contractor to take a look at your system each year. In between these routine visits, it's recommended that you change filters out every one to three months.


Roof: With strong rain and snow storms hitting Pennsylvania pretty hard, your roof will start to suffer. HomeAdvisor recommends having your roof checked routinely every one to two years. After a major storm, take a look and make sure you don't notice any leaking spots. Call your contractor if you notice a problem before it gets any worse.


Insulation: With so many homeowners expressing concern about high energy costs, adding a spray foam insulation can give those worriers peace-of-mind. Fill any small crevices in foundation or siding so you won't lose any heat from your home. It's pretty simple to use a can of spray foam insulation  to seal the cracks and save you money.


Garbage Disposal: According to HomeAdvisor, the garbage disposal was among the top appliance repairs last year because it is such a house staple. Be smart when using your disposal. Never put bones, eggs, grease, potato skins or coffee grounds down your garbage disposal.


Property management is much easier when you follow a consistent repair schedule. Repair problems as soon as possible so a small problem doesn't grow into a nightmare