Summer Maintenance For Your Home

By Rentwell

Summer is a time for barbecues, pool parties, vacations and most importantly fun. The last thing that you need during your time off is to spend your hard earned money on repairs , or high utility bills. Rentwell is going to share with you some of our tips to keep your FUN high and COSTS low. Below is our advice on Summer Maintenance For Your Home.Check your home for all types of leaks

    • • Replace all old, rotting wood on your siding, doors, or windows

    • • Make sure to place a new layer of Caulk around your windows and doors to ensure everything is sealed properly.

    • • LEAKS IN YOUR ROOF - Summer Thunderstorms are always a sight to be seen, not a feature to be felt! Stay dry by checking your roof for leaks. Roofs should be inspected for leaks every 2-4 years, and even more often when your home ages.

(All of these tips also will help keep your home cool by not letting humidity enter from unwanted seams).

Clean your gutters of all the build up from the past seasons, and make sure that when the rain comes, your gutters are clean and can freely flow the water out of the spouts. If there is too much build up, this can lead to an expensive fix to not only your gutters, but to whatever they could potentially fall onto, or even add to the flooding!

Keep an eye out on all of your equipment that leads to fun times!

  • • Don't let your pool take a dive!
  •      • All cracks around your pool need to be sealed, and make sure
           that you are always checking on your Pool Pumps so that they
           do not leak and that all wires are in good shape.
  • • Don't let your be what is being cooked for dinner!
    •      • If you operate with a Gas Grill, make sure that all of the lines to
             the grill are safe and intact. Look for rust or anything unusual that
             is going on with your grill.
    • • Yard work is essential for making your home look nice, make sure that all equipment being used is safe, not rusting and fully functional.

Save money on your Electricity bill by utilizing cooling methods properly!

  • • AIR CONDITIONERS  - Man's best friend for a scorching hot summer day. It can also be your biggest enemy when the bill comes in for the month. Here are some tips to help save some money but remain cool:
    •     • Provide some type of shade for your room A/C. If shade is
            provided, it can increase the unit's efficiency by 5-10%.
    •     • Always make sure to clean out your Air Conditioner's air filter
            every month during use. Dust can reduce the full effect of the air
            flow leading to a not so cool room!
    •     • Only leave your Air Conditioner on when you are there! Do not
             leave it on for hours while you are away, and that's obvious!
    •     • Plant some trees around your home to increase shade and keep
            your costs low.

We hope that these tips will keep you cool in the hot summer months, and more importantly keep your costs low!