Preparing Your Home for Jack Frost: Winter Maintenance for Your Property

By Rentwell

Every year it seems that Winter comes upon us much too fast, and before you know it you are breaking open the storage containers looking for your favorite pair of hats and gloves. Without proper preparation for the cold winter months, it leads to many head colds and illness, such miserable experiences. The same goes for your management properties, if a property owner does not prepare accordingly for the long, cold months ahead that are sure to provide wear to any property, you could be in for a long winter!Preventative maintenance helps to avoid costly emergency repair bills, unnecessary wear and tear on your property, and resident dissatisfaction. See below the following recommendations from Rentwell for any of your property maintenance needs.

A cheap and easy procedure to begin with is to have your Water Heater flushed, we recommend that you do this every 2 years and it only costs $30! Rentwell recommends that you go through and service your Oil/Gas heater and get them cleaned, a service that varies upon your system but one that is an absolute necessity. Finally, if you have an old Water Heater, make the necessary steps and schedule an appointment to replace or fix up that old water heater! Always make sure to have these necessities checked and serviced to avoid any long-term issues.


We recommend the following procedures to the outside of your property. A simple gutter cleaning before the winter will help you avoid any further damage that may be done to your property caused by the build up of snow or ice. Depending on how many levels there are to your home, this is a safe and easy procedure to make sure that everything is cleaned out before those long winter months. A Roof inspection is key before Mother Nature decides to lose her cool on your property; leaking or collapsing ceilings are a nightmare to deal with for your family and wallet. Tree Trimmings and landscaping can be done prior to the winter to avoid any fall off or to help keep the attractiveness of your property at an all time high. And finally, always have your Chimney Inspected for any repairs that need to be done before there is any further damage caused by any storms, and before Jolly Ole Saint Nick comes down the chimney.


It is Rentwell's goal to protect and preserve the integrity of all investment properties. We hope that our recommendations help prepare you for the winter months that are knocking on our doorsteps.