How to Find the Right Property Management Company

By Rentwell

With the down real estate market has come a growing trend of real estate agents moving into property management. The thinking is that with new and existing home sales fewer and further between an agent can make ends meet with property management services until the market recovers. This has brought increased competition into the management services market but not necessarily better service. New property managers are taking on more than they can handle. It is hard to say no to a request for management services, especially with many people hurting in this economy. Often new managers simply lack the knowledge, experience, and capabilities to fulfill their property management duties.Property management requires a lot of leg work and smaller firms with smaller staffs are ill prepared to handle the duties of a property manager. Having bitten off more than they can chew many new managers find that they are unable to service properties spread all across town or in another county. They quickly discover that they are spending all their profits simply in gas and other travel costs in showing properties. Being spread too thin by taking on too many accounts over too big an area means landlords and tenants with suffer from substandard service.

Rentwell is not new to the property management industry, we have been doing this for years. We are not only experienced but also focused. We specialize in residential property management, and we do not offer management for commercial properties. This focus means we have deep knowledge of managing residential properties. Futhermore, Rentwell only operates in the Philadelphia area, so we are familiar with the issues that are specific to our area. There is almost no situation or issue that we have not had experience dealing with and solving. We know how important it is to respond quickly to landlord and tenant requests, that is why we are available 24 hours everyday. We also have individual managers in key locations to cover all of our service area. We do not take on any property management contract we can not ensure we provide the best service available in the industry.