What to Look for in a Property Manager

By Rentwell

The thought of letting somebody manage your biggest asset (your property!) can be something that brings a lot of nervous energy, fear and concern for every property owner who does not have the time to properly manage their property. Not only is it a difficult task to achieve, but choosing the right property manager from the many in your area can be overwhelming. Below you will find a list of qualities to look for in finding the property manager that is right for you. This property manager needs to be one that you can gain Peace of Mind in managing your property.

Before you read the suggested qualities below, take the time on your own to generate a list of qualities that you desire in a property manager, and make sure that you list the goals and needs to really move forward. For example, What is it that you need the most help with for your property? Are you having trouble placing the correct tenant in your home? Do you have the time/energy to put into the maintenance of your property? 

After you've created this valuable list of qualities, goals and needs that you are looking for, take a look at the qualities that Rentwell suggests and utilize this to help you make your final decision in what to look for in a property manager:

Management Values: Director of Operations at Rentwell Alan Silverman has been in property management for 20 years, and feels that the most effective way to manage people is with valuable communication skills. This includes making sure that your staff is aware of what is expected of them, having a well trained staff, and holding regular meetings to go over goals, objectives and any status of all open items. Alan lives by the principles of knowing whom he is working with, by listening, being fair, clear, honest and direct with all that he comes in contact with. This has led to great success for Rentwell, as demonstrated by the testimonials that we receive weekly in regards to his management style. In regards to the communication of your Management operations, a qualified Property Management company should be able to easily communicate and describe the methods of how that company does business, whether it be customization of services, rent collection services, communication from company to owners, finding qualified tenants for the property, performing maintenance, resolving resident disputes, emergency management and much, much more.

Customer Service: Not only will the property management company be providing their services for you, but also they are acting as the face of your property to all the residents that will occupy. If a property management company does not know how to deal with any situation with the utmost professionalism, this could ultimately lead to you losing money in the end. Make sure to meet with all property management companies upon hiring them, as you will be able to interact with them and see if you like their style of customer service. Rob Coldwell, President at Rentwell makes a point to meet you at your property to discuss the services that are provided by one of Delaware Valley's largest property management companies. Rob has taken it upon himself to master the art of Customer Service to represent his company with the highest level of professionalism.

After Hour Emergencies: We all love sleep, and you should as a property owner that seeks the professional services of a property management company. The company that you seek to hire should have a system in place to handle emergencies that can occur outside of the regular office hours. This way, the tenant can have any situation taken care of appropriately, and you can remain at peace and will be able to sleep at night knowing that you are covered. 

Company Services: Different property management companies can specialize in various properties. Even though most property management companies are eager to take on a variety of properties, it is not out of the ordinary for a company to specialize in certain types of properties. Rob Coldwell, President and Co-Founder at Rentwell stresses the services of Residential Leasing and Property Management. Rentwell chooses to work with properties that according to Alan Silverman, are "Anything that you can live in!" You can search the wide varieties of properties that Rentwell leases here: our properties.


Always ensure that when searching for the right property manager that your interests and those of the company are on the same wave length. We hope that these tips are valuable tools to you in choosing the right property management company for you. If you have any questions at all about choosing the right Property Manager, please feel free to email us and one of our professional staff members will contact you immediately to help guide you through this extremely important decision.