How Property Management Companies Support Property Investors

By Rentwell

Why do you need a Baltimore property management company?  Collecting the rent is simple enough—when residents pay on time. However, owning and managing successful rental properties requires so much more than simply having renters and collecting rent checks. 

Many investors become overwhelmed by the volume of work involved with managing Baltimore rentals. One property is a lot of work. If you want to enjoy more investment income, owning multiple properties multiplies the amount of work, too! 

Finding the right property manager is critical for real estate investment success, but what do they really do for you? Here are some of the best ways property management companies support property investors!

Protect Your House (R) (S)

We Know What Works (and What Doesn't)

Working independently to manage rental properties can be a series of trials and errors until you figure out what works. Meanwhile, you lose valuable income by making (and learning from) mistakes along the way. 

Top property managers already know what works best for rentals in the Baltimore market—and what doesn't. We don't have to waste your time (or money) experimenting with strategies or processes that might (or might not) help you make more money. 

We have established and proven policies and procedures that help us ramp up quickly with your rental properties. An expert property manager has systems in place for every aspect of managing profitable rentals, including:

  • Property marketing
  • Screening quality renters
  • Collecting rent and security deposits
  • Professional maintenance 
  • Leasing and renewals
  • Financial reporting

Success for your investment properties requires industry expertise and proven experience to attract the best Baltimore renters and maximize your ROIs. There's no need for owners to guess and hope for a win! The best property manager already has the support you need for success. 

We Reduce Vacancy Times

Long stretches of time without a resident means investors lose rental income. Finding "any" renterfastisn't hard. However, finding the best renters while minimizing vacancy times requires experience and the right strategies. 

The best Baltimore property management company doesn't settle for a renter who might be "ok" to place a new resident quickly. Reducing vacancy times isn't a race to find "someone" to pay the rent. That "someone" could be a professional tenant who causes property damage and never pays the rent. 

The right property manager knows that better-quality residents reduce the risks to your rentals, and they're more likely to renew a lease when they enjoy living in your property! We don't race to place a renter, but we do work quickly and efficiently with the best strategies to market rentals and place quality residents while minimizing vacancy times. 

Happy couple moving to new home and taking selfie

We Make Sure You're Covered

Many Baltimore real estate investors don't realize they have the wrong (or insufficient) insurance coverage until disaster strikes, and they struggle to recover financially. Are you covered? If not, a property manager can help you identify the policies that make the most sense to protect your investments.

From property insurance to rent default and liability coverage, investors need the right protections in place to: 

  • Help rebuild after property damage
  • Offset income loss if renters default
  • Navigate a lawsuit if a renter suffers an injury on your property

Investors need more than homeowner's insurance designed for a private residence. Before you get too overwhelmed with the options, let a Baltimore property management company help you identify your needs and help you get covered.

We Deliver Professionalism

We put the "professional" in professional property management! Attracting the best quality residents is easier when you have professional representation from your property manager. 

From letterhead to the rental application and the uniforms we wear when managing renters or delivering maintenance services, your renters know they have a reputable manager to respond to requests, handle rental payments, and safely perform work in rental homes. 

Residents never have to wonder if they are dealing with a member of our team. They receive:

  • Official communications and notices with our contact information
  • Professional (and legal) lease documents
  • Professional, vetted maintenance team members to handle routine services and other repairs
  • Prompt responses to requests and emergencies
  • 24/7 availability from our professional staff

Our professionalism extends to owners, too! Every contact between us starts and ends with a professional approach, branded documents, and secure transmission. Investors never have to worry about security breaches for personal financial information. We also deliver monthly payments securely and electronically. 

We Deliver the Support Baltimore Investors Need

If you're managing rental properties without this level of professional support, it's time for expert Baltimore property management! The Rentwell team is here to deliver expert strategies to minimize vacancies, maintain rentals, and protect your investments. Contact us to get started with our experienced team that has the systems and policies in place to maximize your ROIs and support your success in every way.

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