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A successful property investment business only works if you have good tenants! Finding the best tenants for your properties is one of the most critical tasks for landlords—and it all starts with your Baltimore property listing. 

As a new real estate investor, if you've never considered the importance of your listing, we're glad you're here! Without a compelling property listing that showcases your property's best features, you risk a vacant property month after month.

An empty property quickly becomes an expensive loss for your real estate portfolio. However, there's something even worse than the dreaded vacant rental home: a rental home that houses a Professional Tenant!

Using your listings to help attract the best quality renters requires knowledge and skill—and we're here to help! Keep reading to learn how to write a compelling property listing from the Rentwell Baltimore property management experts!

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Written Words Still Matter!

Did you know that your landlord tasks include writing assignments? While it's not a 3500-word essay on romantic-era poetry, when you manage your own properties, you have to excel at a variety of tasks—including writing property listings. 

You don't have to have made good grades in your high school or college English classes, but you do need to craft a professional listing for every property in your portfolio—even if you're an out-of-state investor. The time you spend describing your property in a way that makes potential tenants want to read more about it—then see it in person—is well worth it! 

Your listing should include the basics, like the number of rooms, bathrooms, monthly rent price, square footage, and a basic description of the property—but that's not all. It's only the beginning!

Go Deeper Than the Details

Make sure the details are accurate, but then tell your potential next renter why they need to live in your rental property. Be sure your listing includes:

  • Important or unique features: What do renters want? Make sure they know your Baltimore property has it! 
  • Describe the benefits: Is the property close to retail, restaurant, or shopping? Is there easy access to highways or the airport? Does your property help tenants save money on utilities? Tell them why it's to their benefit to make your property their new home! 
  • Must-have amenities: Do you offer anything to your tenants that they can't find with other properties? Offering expert Baltimore property management services or free air filters can be the perks that help a renter choose your property. 

In a competitive rental market, your property listing has to cause someone to pause! Telling your property's story in the best way encourages potential renters to look into your property as their next rental home. 


Use Professional Photography

It's tempting to take a few photos with your cellphone and post them with your listing, but it's critical to avoid that temptation. Your competitors are using professional photos—and you should, too!

As your Baltimore property management experts, we recommend investing in professional real estate photography. In addition to a compelling description and story about your property, high-quality photos are the best way to stop your next renter from scrolling past your property in an online search. 

Even a good cellphone camera just can't match the quality of a skilled real estate photographer who knows how to use the right lighting, the best angles, and professional equipment to capture your property's features. It's well worth the minimal expense when you attract high-quality tenants and rent your property faster. 

Proofread Your Property's 'Story'

Nothing ruins your professional property presentation like typos! You've put in the work of accurately listing the critical details about your property, and you've told renters the story of why they need to choose your property over the rental next door. 

Before you post your listing, read it thoroughly and correct grammar mistakes or typing errors. 

  • Pay close attention to the stats: Listing the wrong rental price or the incorrect address could be an expensive mistake. 
  • Avoid exaggeration: Tell a good story about your property, but make sure it's not "too" good. Be accurate with your photos and details. 
  • Have trusted eyes review it: Sometimes, a second set of eyes can catch any glaring errors that you miss. 

This kind of attention to detail is well worth it when you find a quality tenant that choose your property! 

A Property Manager Can Create Your Perfect Listing

Are writing and photos not really your zone of expertise? That's okay! Choosing the right Baltimore property management company to work with means you don't have to write a word—or worry about professional photos! 

Property listings are critical to your Baltimore investment property's success, but it can feel like a hassle. The Rentwell team writes hundreds of property listings: we make quick, accurate, and professional work of describing your property with professional photos to set the scene for your next tenant. Plus, our Rentwell OneRate includes property listings—and morewhen you choose us to manage your properties!

Are you getting ready for your next renter? After your successful property listing, it's time to get ready to protect your investment with the right screening process. Download our FREE Tenant Screening Checklist to get started!


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