Tips for Writing Rental Listings that Stand Out

By Rentwell

When potential tenants are looking for a property to rent, you can bet they're reading listing after boring listing, so how can you make yours stand out as the perfect home? Writing an attractive listing is difficult, as you need to cater your description to someone you have never met. How do you know which aspects to highlight? Also, how can you make your property sound different from the others in your area? Follow these tips to write an eye-catching rental listing.Specify the amenities. Items like new hardwood floors, new cabinets, or a state-of-the-art gym can put your listing ahead of others that are less descriptive. These details also help renters to visualize themselves in the apartment. Be specific with brand names and features as you never know who these might appeal to. 

Illustrate what isn't seen in the photo. You can't capture every unique aspect of your rental in just one listing photo. Use text to describe features we can't see such as a beautiful view, private parking, or great location. Let the reader know why this property will improve his or her lifestyle in addition to the physical amenities.


Use accurate descriptions. It's always tempting to throw around adjectives like "gorgeous" and "incredible," but these can seem like red flags to skeptical readers. Instead, only use adjectives that are appropriate like "spacious" to add an attractive quality to the listing without seeming suspicious. The unit should actually live up to your description, otherwise you could be letting renters down when they come to see it. 


Include a call to action. Be sure to add your contact information at the bottom of the listing alongside an incentive to call. If you mention that this listing is charging a competitive rent rate, readers might be more motivated to pick up the phone and call you. Without a call to action, even the most exciting listing could be placed aside and forgotten about. 


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