Spring is Listing Season

By Rentwell

You've felt it yourself at some point. The weather starts to get warm, you open up your windows, and you're tempted by a change of scenery. Whether that change is a vacation, a move, or some home renovations depends on your specific situation. However for this reason, as well as high home sales in June, early Spring becomes the most popular time for listings.

For Renters/Buyers

If you're in the market for a new home -- to rent or buy -- you could be ahead of the curve by searching in early April. Many listings start going up at the end of March and continue until June. By starting in April and refreshing your search frequently, you'll get a first look at what's available and may also find some deals before the competition gets heavy.


For Property Owners

If you're planning on selling a home, Zillow says the best time to list is at the end of March. Listing your property at this time will give your home good placement when users sort their property searches by date. Additionally, two years of data shows that real estate website visits spike in April and continue increasing for roughly nine weeks. Getting your property advertised before that spike happens could be beneficial. If you're considering renting your property to tenants this year, apply the same logic as above. Get your property seen when most people are searching.


For Property Managers

Anticipate the busy listing season and make a plan to handle any renovations as early and as quickly as possible. To catch tenants' interests, shoot for early March to complete any updates. Keep your team in the loop if you're preparing to take on additional properties in the warmer weather and let your contractors know that business may be about to kick up. The best way to handle this season is with preparation. 


For more tips for the busy season, check out the Zillow Blog for Pros.