7 Tips for Staging Your Home to Rent

By Rentwell

Just like a property owner wants to find a tenant who is responsible and careful, potential tenants are looking for a clean and safe rental. If you are planning an open house with any of your properties, you'll want to make sure potential renters are getting the right first impression. They probably have quite a few options in mind so we have a few easy tips that will help your property stand out to the best tenants.1. The Neighborhood. Before a potential renter even steps foot on your property, they'll have an opportunity to judge the surrounding homes. If you know some nearby homeowners could use some yard cleaning, why not offer a little bit of your time to help them clean up? Not only will this spruce up the neighboring yards, but maybe next time you need help with yard chores, your neighbor will help.




2. The Yard: The neighbor's yard might look great, but what about yours? Make sure that the outside of your home is tidy. Do some basic landscaping so the yard doesn't look wild and unkempt. Even small tasks like updating the mailbox and installing exterior light fixtures can help your property stand out.


3. The Entrance: As soon as a potential renter opens the door, they'll make quick conclusions. Create a welcoming and open entrance, meaning eliminate any possible clutter and display some fresh flowers from the garden.


4. The Kitchen: Many potential tenants express that the kitchen is one of the first rooms they want to see. Make sure it's spotless and bright. It could be worth it to invest in some newer appliances.




5. The Bathroom: The bathroom is one spot that should be absolutely sparkling. Don't skimp on bathroom repairs and replacements just because it's a small room. Take care of any water or mold damage, replace toilet seats, and purchase matching towel and shower sets.


6. The Closets: Closets may not have equal importance to all, but they can make or break the decision of a potential tenant. Clear them out if they are overstuffed. You can still keep some clothes or items in the closet if you neatly display them.


7. The Rest: While we highlighted sprucing up the above rooms, you can't forget about the rest of the house. Remove any clutter or family photos, and be mindful in your decorating. You'll want every room to be inviting so the potential tenant wants to confidently sign the lease on-site. 


Rentwell adapted this list from a USA Today article about Staging Homes to Sell.