Build Wealth and Retire Tax Free: Real Estate, Private Lending & IRAs

By Rentwell

Rentwell is heading to an all-day workshop for investors and private lenders at the end of the month, we encourage all to attend for what's going to be a great program and even better networking.

Tickets for the all-day event in Wilmington, DE (meals & snacks included) are only $115.

Go here to watch a very short video that explains what the event is all about and get registered:

Use Promo Code "YLLCO" and receive $25 Off!

Preview of the Workshop

Part 1: "Why Invest in Notes or create them as a Private Lender? Why use IRA money?" Learn mortgage note investing strategist and why so many investors have turned to buying notes instead of properties. Dave Van Horn from PPR will be presenting on "How to Utilize IRAs to Raise Capital and Invest in Notes." ALSO, learn how to evaluate and financially back secured real estate projects. BIG returns without the headaches of dealing with property or tenants! Do these through your self-directed IRA and you have a beautiful marriage of strategies.

Part 2: "Advanced IRA Strategies for Real Estate and Note Investors"

Because it's not what you make, it's what you keep, that counts... Learn how to make tax free income for life for you and your heirs. Implement strategies to increase returns on your real estate and note investments by 20 to 50%! Compound growth without taxes through a self-directed IRA is simply but powerful. Carl Fischer, former NASA rocket scientist and founder of CamaPlan Self Directed IRA will be presenting advanced SDIRA strategies and case studies.

Event Details Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm Sheraton South 365 Airport Road, New Castle, DE 19720

We Look Forward to Seeing You There!