Philly's Hottest Neighborhoods of 2016

By Rentwell

Each year, RedFin publishes a list of the "up-and-coming" neighborhoods of each major metropolitan area. The company employs real estate agents who work in each of these areas, taking notice of any new trends. They also use statistics from to determine which neighborhoods are most popular. According to RedFin, this year's ranking was inspired by access to public transit, affordability, and charm.

Philly's hottest neighborhoods of 2016 include:

1. Graduate Hospital boasts great proximity to CHOP, Drexel University, and UPenn, making it a hot spot for young professionals looking to settle down. Thanks to recent influx of restaurateurs and shop owners, the neighborhood also offers a great nightlife in addition to being very pedestrian-friendly. The area offers a unique mix of new and old family homes in an urban setting.

society hill

2. Society Hill is one of Philadelphia's oldest and most beautiful neighborhoods. Mixed in among the Colonial homes and luxury apartment buildings are a combination of restaurants, historic attractions, and some great shopping. A day in this neighborhood could mean a visit to the Liberty Bell or drinks on the Delaware River. Learn more.

Italian Market

3. Bella Vista was the first Italian immigrant settled neighborhood of Philadelphia, and fittingly is home to the famous outdoor Ninth Street Italian Market. Literally translating to "Beautiful Sight," Bella Vista offers an eye-catching array of cafes, bars, and restaurants all in walking distance for South Philadelphia residents. This area is exceptional for commuters. Learn more.

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