Attracting Tenants for Winter Rentals

By Rentwell

Showing a home to potential renters in the winter isn't exactly an ideal situation. Many of the easy factors, such as curb appeal, aren't working in your favor. Instead, potential tenants will see a snowy, icy, slushy, cold landscape when pulling up to the property. This makes your job a bit harder. You've got to make the place look desirable, and allow the tenants to see themselves living there. While this is a difficult task, it isn't impossible. Follow these simple tips to snag some winter tenants during the colder months.

1. Shovel a Pathway Possible tenants will probably skip over the property if they can't get to it. If it's snowing, shovel and salt a clear path from the street to the front door so no one has trouble getting inside. According to Zillow, a clear "For Rent" sign could help to guide renters in the right direction. Address numbers can sometimes be difficult to see in bad weather.


2. Create a Warm and Cozy Feel You want to make this rental property an oasis from the frozen tundra outdoors. Your potential renters should feel warm and relaxed. You might create this atmosphere by putting on some hot coffee or tea and lighting seasonal candles. Also, be sure the heat is on at a comfortable temperature.


3. Brighten Up the Place If it's crummy outside, make sure that your property is anything but drab. Some bright colored pillows, blankets, paintings, flowers, or other decorations can easily brighten up an otherwise boring room. These colors will create a desired contrast with the weather outdoors.


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