OneRate™ Can Help If Hidden Fees Are Deflating Your Rental Profits

By Rentwell

If you are thinking about investing in real estate (or you already own a rental or two), you might be curious about how to manage your rental properties. Perhaps you worked with a property manager before, and the experience wasn't worth the fees you paid for their property management services. 

Successful rental property owners know they can't do it on their own, but many aren't sure how to avoid the high costs or hidden fees that some property managers charge. How can investors compare costs and services for an expert Philadelphia property management company? What's the best solution to finding a property manager that fits your budget? Here's what you need to know. 

How Traditional Pricing (and Hidden Fees) Can Quickly Deflate Your Profits

When you shop around for a Philadelphia property management company, not every business is the same. Some property managers charge hidden fees, but you might not realize this at first. Typically, property managers will charge monthly property management fees that can range from 8-12%. However, that fee doesn't always cover every service you need! 

Here are a few red flags that a property manager's monthly fee could only be the beginning of additional charges or hidden fees:

  • They talk about services and pricing in general terms without itemization. 
  • They mention a set rate for each listing but won't offer or mention discounts for additional units. 
  • The property management company has complaints on its website from owners about miscommunications and hidden fees.
  • The property manager will not break down every fee they charge or discuss which services they include. 

If the only pricing details you can get are about packages or service plans, you could be in for additional fees if you need your Philadelphia PA property manager to take care of something that's not part of a "standard" pricing plan. When you add up everything you spend on property management with standard pricing, you might find you have little cash flow or profits left over.

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The Rentwell OneRate™ Difference for Philadelphia Property Management

If most property managers charge a percentage "base" price for services, what can you do? Is there another option? Yes! There are property managers that charge flat rates and all-inclusive services—rather than a percentage based on a property's monthly rent amount. 

Rentwell offers the OneRate™ pricing plan that helps property owners avoid hidden costs or surprise fees for the services they need most. With our flat-rate pricing, you see all services and fees upfront for transparency! We make it easy for investors to know how much to allocate each month for their management services. You'll also know the precise services we include in our pricing plan. 

How Does OneRate™ Compare to a Percentage?

Depending on your Philadelphia PA property's monthly rent amount, Rentwell's OneRate™ property management service plan ranges from $175-$195 each month. Aside from the $500 setup fee, there are no extra fees. That's right! We don't charge additional fees for marketing, site visits, leasing, or evictions. 

A property owner can enjoy these services included in our OneRate™ plan: 

  • Leasing and lease renewals
  • Onsite visits
  • Property maintenance
  • Eviction assistance (including court appearances)
  • Emergency responses
  • Advertising and marketing (including photography)
  • Make-Readies

Many of these services would incur an additional fee on top of your monthly property management fee when choosing property management companies or services based on a traditional percentage fee structure. 

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A Rentwell Property Manager Delivers Peace of Mind

What we don't list under our OneRate™ fee structure is the peace of mind that comes with our services! Rentwell's pricing ad experience provides you with added reassurances that you would not have if you manage your properties on your own. 

With your rentals under our care, you don't have to deal with around-the-clock maintenance calls or emergencies. You also don't have to figure out the ideal rental rate for your properties. Plus, rental owners enjoy better quality tenants as a result of our thorough screening process! Even if a tenant situation turns into something difficult, a Rentwell expert handles it for you. 

Maximize ROIs with Rentwell's OneRate™ Property Management Services Plan!

Not knowing how much you'll pay each month for property management services will cost you more in the long run! While we offer a traditional pricing plan, the Rentwell OneRate™ plan is the most cost-effective way to get the best rental property management in Philadelphia with clear pricing and no surprise fees. We deliver the best quality services for property owners with one or more rentals with the utmost transparency in our pricing

To avoid overpaying for a property manager, reach out, and let's talk through everything we offer through our transparent approach to pricing! We're here to help maximize your returns. 

See how much you can save! Sign up for the free OneRate™ Calculator to see how Rentwell’s pricing compares to percentage-based pricing.

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