Why You Need Professional Maintenance Staff

By Rentwell

With the right property management in Wilmington DE, investors benefit from their professional maintenance staff and services—but do you really need it? Can't DIY fixes save money over professional services?

They might, but DIY maintenance solutions aren't always the money-saver they appear to be. Plus, spending your valuable time on multiple trips to the local hardware store and looking for online video tutorials to fix plumbing problems aren't the best ways to maximize the returns from your investments. 

What happens if a critical repair exceeds your skillset? Are you equipped to handle a resident's reasonable accommodation request? Before you head back to the hardware store (again), here's why Wilmington DE real estate investors need professional maintenance staff.

The Pros Specialize In Repairs

You wouldn't call a plumber for an electrical issue, and you can't expect your family's long-time general handyman to replace the roof. Hiring the wrong person or someone without the right specialty is a waste of money. It can also delay the appropriate fix for a maintenance issue—while it becomes a bigger (and more expensive) problem during the delay. 

The best professional property management in Wilmington DE has the right experts for every type of maintenance or repair. Our maintenance professionals only have one job: to fix rental properties under our management. They can quickly diagnose a problem and make any repairs without delay. When a specialist is required for a roof replacement or HVAC repair, we know who to call to do the job right the first time. 

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DIY Can Cause Renters To Say "Goodbye"

Your residents won't stick around for recurring maintenance issues or ongoing issues with your rental home. They also don't want to report the same problem over and over again when DIY fixes fail to truly "fix" the problem. When their rental is in a constant state of disrepair (or it takes too long for you to have time to come by and fix something), they won't stay

Wilmington DE renters prefer rental homes with professional maintenance staff. They know they can put in a maintenance request—any time of day or night—and receive a prompt response. Our professional team is available 24/7 to handle emergency calls and repairs without delay. We know that the longer a small problem (or major emergency) waits for a repair, the more expensive it becomes for investors. 

Quick maintenance action prevents significant damage and costly repairs. If you're not equipped to answer emergency calls at midnight or on the weekends, the right property manager is there to handle it for you!

Vetted Contractors Protect Renters and Properties

If you wouldn't feel safe with a low-cost contractor in Wilmington DE doing work in your home and around your family, you shouldn't be okay with the same contractor performing maintenance or repairs in your rental properties. 

Real estate investors must provide safe living conditions for residents. This includes ensuring that anyone who enters and works in an occupied property is safe to be around your residents' personal property and children to carry out a repair. 

The right property management in Wilmington DE has a trusted network of vetted contractors and maintenance team members to protect your properties when conducting repairs or maintenance. We ensure that every maintenance worker is:

  • Licensed and insured
  • Cleared through a background check
  • An expert for the required repair or maintenance
  • Works quickly and efficiently to minimize disruptions for your renters

Our network is always available for routine, scheduled maintenance—even after hours. Plus, investors have peace of mind knowing that they never have to answer a late-night call again, deal with scheduling repairs with renters and contractors, or worry about unqualified repair people in their properties. 

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Better Pricing Saves Money (Without Sacrificing Quality)

Are you really saving money if it takes four trips to the hardware store and your full weekend to fix a plumbing issue at your Wilmington DE rental? In most cases, DIY doesn't save much money—while you spend your free time underneath a kitchen sink. 

Because we have a reliable network of contractors, they offer our investors the best pricing due to the high volume of work we send their way. Our experts also know how much repairs should cost. We stay away from overpriced contractors to make sure investors (and renters) benefit from the best quality repairs and prices. 

Put the Best Maintenance Services Forward With a Property Manager

Impress your renters, save money, and improve the condition and value of your investment properties! Partnering with the best property management in Wilmington DE is the best way to deliver professional property maintenance and repair while reducing costs. 

If you're tired of doing your best as a DIY repair person (and you're ready to get your free time back), let Rentwell take on your rental property maintenance services! Learn more about what investors need from a property manager with a free copy of our "Guide to Finding the Best Tri-State Property Management Company."


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