Property Management Services: The Best Thing to Do for Positive ROI

By Rentwell

Every investment property owner wants to boost their ROI and make the profit they need to reach their goals. When cash flow streams in, they can invest more money in other properties.  

One of the key factors to ensuring you have a positive ROI for your investment property is to hire professional management services to handle your rental properties. Even though you might think paying for property management services will cost too much, it can be more cost-effective than you realize. An efficient property manager can save you money and thus boost your ROI.

Here are a few ways a Baltimore property management company can help you increase your overall return on investment.

Tenant Screening Services

The type of tenants you have in your properties can make or break your income stream. Suppose you're continually dealing with tenants that cost you money. In that case, it won't be easy to get ahead with your ROI. Problematic tenants don't pay their rent regularly, violate the lease agreement, or cause property damage. When these issues occur, they can cause you to miss monthly rental income to keep up with ongoing property expenses. 

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Bad tenants are costly, especially when a situation leads to eviction. The best property management Baltimore, Maryland, offers provides tenant screening services to ensure you get top-quality people residing in your homes. With the best tenants, your money keeps coming in, and your investment is well cared for. 

The Right Rental Pricing

When the price is wrong, it can affect real estate investors in a couple of costly ways. 

  • When the rent is too high, prospective tenants will avoid the property, and you deal with lengthy vacancies and lost rental income.
  • When the rent is too low, you might not deal with vacancies—but you risk losing money every month because your rental property doesn't generate the income you need to cover costs. 

A property manager knows the right price for your properties. They conduct rental market analysis to determine the ideal asking price, so you can find quality renters quickly and generate enough cash flow to reach your goals. 

Effective Marketing

A property manager will use their skills to implement marketing techniques to find the best tenants quickly. 

How do they accomplish this? They do so by marketing the property on the best online sites with a wide reach. They also understand how to create compelling property listings and reach your ideal renters. 

Effective marketing helps keeps your rental properties occupied with minimal vacancy times to help you maximize revenue. 

Conducting Routine Inspections

Keeping on top of your properties with regular inspections is a smart move. Establishing an inspection schedule ensures that minor maintenance problems don't become big ones, costing you more to repair or replace aspects of a property. 


An investment property management team schedules and conducts property inspections at move-in, during the lease term, and at move-out. If they notice problems during property reviews, they coordinate any repairs that need to be done.

Expert Maintenance Management

Excellent property maintenance can be a significant undertaking for an investor. It's especially challenging if you're not equipped with the skills to handle all the repairs or if you operate multiple rental properties in the Baltimore area. 

Even if you are handy, some things require the skills of a certified professional. For example, when handling maintenance needs on your own, you risk inadequate repairs that can lead to future issues (and more costs). 

In addition, property owners must be on-call late at night, on weekends, and in bad weather when a renter calls with an emergency maintenance issue. It's an asset to have a property manager navigating the maintenance calls for you, so you have peace of mind that emergencies get a prompt response (day or night) and the appropriate professionals handle every repair. 

Proactive Lease Signing and Renewals

Getting the lease signed is important! However, renewals are just as important. 

Once you have a quality tenant in the property, you want to keep them there as long as possible. If you have a good-paying tenant, work with them to renew their lease early. A property manager will help you keep tenants in the property with early lease renewal signings to avoid losing good tenants when a lease expires. 

On-Time Rent Collection

Collecting the rent (on time) is probably one of the most important jobs of a property management team. When rent arrives late (or not at all), rental property owners lose money! 

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A property manager follows up with any tenant with a late rental payment. They also streamline rent collection, making it easier for tenants to make payments on time. 

The Best Property Management Baltimore, Maryland Offers Has the Services You Need

Hiring a property management company to handle these various property management services gives your rental property ROIs a boost. You won't need to deal with tenants or issues that cause you to lose sight of your long-term income goals. The Rentwell property management team is efficient and experienced in helping investors stay on top of the many tasks necessary to operate a successful business. Reach out soon to learn more about how we can help!

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