Philly Among Top 5 Public Transit Cities in U.S.

By Rentwell

Part of what makes living in major cities, like Philly, so convenient is often times the ability to get around without a car. Areas with easy access to all types of amenities tend to have higher real estate value, and renters are especially attracted to affordable and convenient transportation. Walk Score, a Redfin company, scores cities on their "walkability." In this category, Philly was ranked the fourth most walkable city in the US with a population above 300,000 for 2015

In addition, Walk Score took a look at the public transit offered in 316 major U.S. cities and assigned each city a score based on its public transportation options. Zillow posted the results on its blog and we were not at all surprised to see that Philly had landed among the top 5 highest scoring cities. We say this because we know firsthand just how accessible every part of this city is by public transit, and getting across town with SEPTA is very affordable when compared with the prices of gas and city parking. Here are just a few benefits that great walkability and public transit offer Philadelphians:

  • Affordable, reliable transportation
  • Connections within and outside the city
  • Scenic views during commutes
  • No car payments
  • No need for parking or gas
  • Reduced carbon footprint

Think about morning and evening commutes. During both rush hours, the major highways leading into the city are clogged up for hours. After those commuters have finally made it into the city streets, many spend even more time and an unbelievable amount of money finding parking each day. Instead many people opt out of this daily hassle and choose to take the bus, train, trolley, or subway from their respective locations inside the city. Public transit virtually eliminates the worry of unforeseen obstacles on your way to work. It also affords you the opportunity to relax during your commute. Commuters even have the option of deducting the cost of travel from their monthly salaries to give themselves a tax break. Through these plans, they can set aside a few hundred dollars each month to cover these costs while simultaneously reducing their taxable incomes. Public transit is simple, affordable, and one of the best amenities of living in Philly. Interested in renting out properties in Philly? Visit our property management Philadelphia page.