How to Spot the Best Philly Property Management Company

By Rentwell

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but can you spot the real gems? When it's time to start searching for a Philly property management company, how can investors know which companies are the "gems" and which ones they should skip? From marketing and screenings to maintenance, rental portals, and emergencies, here's what to look for in an excellent property managerand what to avoid. 

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Your Property Manager Must Be the Right Fit

Every rental property owner wants to build wealth through real estate but hiring just "any" property manager is not always a surefire way to succeed. The best Philly property management company helps investors minimize costs and maximize ROIs—plus, they give property owners peace of mind about their investments! 

Before settling on a property manager, make sure they deliver these critical experiences for your success. 

Offers the Services You Need

Many property managers offer a lot of services, but do they deliver what you need to manage your properties and tenants better? Your property manager must offer everything you need for success, including tenant screening, rent collection, marketing, maintenance, leasing, and financial reporting. 

Find a property manager that is also up-to-date on the latest trends, real estate management software and technology, blogs, and laws. Offering the services you need is one thing; delivering those services with high quality and in a way that reduces your costs is another critical thing to consider! 

Available When You Need Them

Not being a priority for your property manager is concerning. If they don't readily respond to renter requests, complaints, and emergencies—or you as the property ownerthis can become a costly issue. Delayed responses to repairs lead to more expensive fixes and unhappy tenants. Unavailable property managers adversely affect your business and eat into your profits due to high turnover rates and more vacancies. 

Hire local property managers who have staff in the Philly area and prioritize prompt responses any time a tenant or property owner reaches out. The right property managers never make you feel like you're just another task on their to-do list of rental property owners to manage.

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Experienced and Professional

How long has a property manager operated in the Philly market? Not only does the right property manager have extensive industry experience, but they also have plenty of local expertise too. 

The right property management company demonstrates a high level of capability to manage all of your rentals, whether you have single-family homes or multi-family properties. They understand local, state, and federal laws that govern rental property operations, and they apply best practices to protect your investments and operate them legally. 

Experienced property managers have learned from plenty of mistakes, optimized their operations, and spent time and resources becoming the best in the business over time. Their history of success benefits investors who are ready to trust an experienced professional without the learning curve of an inexperienced Philly property manager. 

Has Excellent Reviews

As with any product or service, investors should check reviews, tenant feedback, and ratings before choosing a property manager. They might offer every service you need, but if tenants or local contractors have had bad experiences with the company, it's probably smart to avoid them, too. 

A well-respected firm will have stellar references and experience in the field. While every property manager will have some negative reviews from unhappy tenants, take those with a grain of salt. Evaluate relevant reviews and ask for references during your search for the ideal Philly property management company!

Delivers Affordable Pricing

When you've found a property manager with the right combination of services, availability, and excellent reviews, check their pricing next! Often, the highest-rated experts in the area charge premium rates to go along with their in-demand services. However, property owners don't have to overpay for the best property management services in Philly!

Compare traditional property management service packages and fees with other options, like a flat-rate provider. Rentwell's OneRate pricing is a real "gem" because it includes flat-fee pricing without sacrificing the services investors need or the quality of our services!

We believe that it shouldn't be confusing or a mystery to figure out what you're paying for when partnering with an expert property manager. Our flat-fee and transparent pricing structure make it easy for investors to benefit from the best property management in Philly without dealing with high prices or strange fee structures.

Let the Best Philly Property Management Company Help Your Rentals Shine

When you partner with the best Philly property management company, you'll experience the difference in your bottom line! Property managers who go the extra mile for you and your residents—while giving you more peace of mind and less stress—shouldn't blow your budget or ruin ROIs

Rentwell delivers the best expert property management services in Philly and other areas without the costly fees that come with a traditional pricing structure. If you're ready to partner with a property manager, let's talk about what we can do for you!

Learn more about how you can save! Get our free One Rate Calculator to see how Rentwell’s pricing compares to other property management companies. 

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