Keeping Information Safe as a Property Manager

By Rentwell

As a property manager, you're trusted with a lot of important personal information belonging to both the tenants and property owners. Keeping this information safe is your responsibility, and a failure to do so could hurt your professional reputation or even land you in court. This is a big responsibility that can be fairly difficult at times. That's why we've compiled some of the best tips for information security.

Closely monitor access to computers, flash drives, cell phones, and files. Because these are the simplest ways for the wrong people to get their hands on personal information, pay close attention to who handles them. First, all files should remain securely locked with limited access to the key. Incorporating a log of who opens the files and when is a great way to make sure these stay locked away when the responsible contact isn't around. Also, never let employees take computers or flash drives home. Although you may trust your employees, you never know who else might gain access through their computer or network. It's a good idea to lock these up at night as well. 


Change your passwords frequently. A password is your main defense online and should be taken seriously. Changing passwords often decreases the likelihood of a hacker gaining access to your personal files. However, be sure you make your passwords strong. Don't use obvious phrases like "password" or your birth date. Instead, use a combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and even symbols. Get creative. 


Get the tools you need. A security camera system is an excellent idea for any property management company -- especially those with a large number of employees. However, other useful tools like a bank stamp can also improve your security. Your stamp should say "For deposit only in XXXXXXXXX," to protect yourself from theft. This way, you can stamp the rent checks as you receive them and yours is the only bank account they can be deposited in. You should also make deposits as frequently as possible so checks and cash aren't sitting around.   


These are just a few of the ways you can make yourself a more trustworthy property manager. For more tips, check out this article by Buildium.