How to Handle a Messy Tenant

By Rentwell

Every once in a while you'll enter a property and be astonished by the amount of trash that seems to accumulate. From overflowing recyclables to a sink full of dirty dishes, you'll occasionally have the not-so-wonderful surprise of dealing with a messy tenant. Unfortunately, it's difficult to create boundaries in this situation because you want the tenant to be happy, but you also don't want to see your property lose significant value and create potential health and safety risks.

Set the Tone at Move-In

Many tenants complain that when they move into a unit that they are left to clean up after the previous tenants. This often causes frustrated new tenants to lose respect for the property. Make the moving experience more welcoming by spending a few hours completely cleaning the place. When a tenant moves into a spotless apartment, they will not only respect you more as landlord but they will feel more compelled to create a clean home environment.

Create a Convenient Disposal System

Of course, there are the tenants that will be messy no matter what you do. Create a system that makes everything disposal related as simple as possible. Make your tenants aware of any fines that could result from property damage, perhaps even sending out a monthly newsletter. Additionally, provide your tenants with clear information about trash pick-up. Put a reminder on the fridge, on the trash can, pretty much anywhere they'll be able to consistently see it.

Provide Cleaning Supplies

Many renters don't want to go through the hassle of purchasing cleaning supplies if they only plan to live in a home temporarily, even if it is a whole year. Keep the essentials (broom, mop, all-purpose cleaner) in a closet so they will be more inclined to clean up after themselves.

Pay Attention to Repair Schedules

If you take your property repairs seriously, it could rub off on the tenant. A majority of tenants don't report minor maintenance problems because they would rather ignore the issue, but make sure that you open up communication with your tenants. When they feel like you are putting effort into repairs and tenant satisfaction, they might be more likely to report problems before it becomes a huge mess.

Provide Information about Recycling Programs

In general, many people find the recycling process to be a bit confusing. Since this varies by location, make information about local recycling programs readily available to tenants. For example, provide them with the dates of e-waste collection programs or a map of local collection sites.


Rent a Roll Off Dumpster

Every few months it's a good idea to plan recycling/waste collection days. If your properties are in the same location, schedule periodic waste collection days, especially if there's a time when many tenants are moving out. Renting a roll-off dumpster and advertising these events to tenants will make it more likely that they get rid of all their trash without leaving anything behind.While it's never a guarantee that you can change the habits of a naturally messy person, these are some ways to combat this behavior. As a landlord, you should also keep up with routine tasks, like keeping the curb appeal high and trimming landscape. About the Author Roll-Off Dumpster Direct is a Paoli based dumpster rental company that provides services for even the messiest clean-ups. They provide a variety of dumpster sizes and collect a range of wastes, include recyclables, yard waste, and construction waste.