Five Reasons to Relocate to Wilmington, DE

By Rentwell

Rentwell is a newcomer to the Wilmington area--our Delaware office opened last summer. 

Thinking about following our lead? Check out our top five reasons to relocate to Wilmington, DE!


1. The Area Recently Underwent a Revival

In recent years, Wilmington has become a popular spot for millennials. This sparked a revival downtown with new apartments sprouting up all over the place. To serve the young crowd, trendy new restaurants, shops, and music venues have materialized. Check out this post in the New York Times for more information.

2. Enjoy the Perfect Blend of Rural and Urban

The first state has only 3 counties, so it's easy to get from A to B around here. Mass transit like the DART bus line, Amtrak, and SEPTA make things even simpler. Wilmington is driving distance from Philadelphia, Baltimore,Washington DC, and New York City. When you're here, you're really in the thick of things, but you're never far from enjoying some scenic green space. For more information about enjoying the great outdoors in Delaware,check out our past post.

3.Copious Corporate Career Opportunities

Dozens of large companies have headquarters in Wilmington. It's home to corporate offices for General Electric, Google, Walmart, Apple, Berkshire Hathaway, Coca Cola, American Airlines, Ford, and Cargill just to name a few. Many banks set up shop in Wilmington, including Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, M&T Bank, WSFS, and more.

4. Ample Places for Enjoying Time Off

From Beautiful views of the Delaware Bay and Christina River, to the vast number of state parks, Wilmington offers plenty of venues for enjoying the great outdoors. It's also just a hop skip and a jump from several coastal vacation towns, like Dewey Beach, Bethany Beach, and Rehoboth.

5. A Great Art and Theater Spot

Good news for the more creative folk! Delaware is home to a flourishing artistic scene. You’ll find everything from time-tested establishments like the Grand Opera House and Dupont Theatre, to more modern establishments like the Delaware College of Art and Design, World Cafe Live, and The Delaware Theater Company.

We can't forget the fact that Delaware offers tax free shopping! Now that you know the highlights of the Small Wonder, browse available rental properties near Wilmington.