A diverse area and affordable housing are two of the many characteristics that make Pittsburgh's Beechview neighborhood an excellent area for real estate investors. More than a third of the residents in this area rent their homes, making it a competitive market for rental property owners who deliver quality housing options at the right price. 

Beechview has a lot to offer renters, including easy and direct access to downtown Pittsburgh for work or play, a variety of restaurants, bodegas, and a strong sense of community. Real estate investors can't afford to miss out on opportunities in this neighborhoodbut without the right property manager, you could lose money! 

How does the right Beechview property management company help investors experience better ROIs and more long-term investment income? Rentwell applies the best strategies and our extensive experience to make sure you never leave money on the table. Here's how. 

Shorter Vacancy Cycles

Empty rentals don't make money for investors—no matter where you choose to invest. If you deal with long periods of time without a renter to pay the rent, you foot the bill for the rental property in Beechview without the monthly income to offset those costs. 

Sometimes it's hard to understand how much money you lose through long vacancy cycles when you don't realize what you're missing without a renter. Without a resident paying the rent, investors must cover property expenses, mortgage payments, utilities, and ongoing marketing costs until they find a new renter to move in and start generating income again. Over a month or two, these costs add up and dig into your cash reserves and long-term financial goals.

Achieving shorter vacancy cycles means investors make more money throughout the year! Minimizing downtime between renters and reducing marketing costs helps improve ROIs and keep you on track to meet your financial goals. However, without the right strategies, investors can continue struggling with empty Beechview properties and income loss. 

The right Beechview property management team understands how to reduce vacancy times by:

  • Starting the search for a new renter before an existing lease ends

  • Applying expert marketing strategies to target your ideal renters

  • Setting ideal rental rates to maximize income and keep properties competitive

  • Creating compelling property listings that attract quality renters

  • Encouraging renewals for your best residents

Renters who stay for more than one lease term reduce your costs and improve ROIs! Plus, without renter turnover on a rental, investors don't deal with a vacancy between lease terms. 

Expert Year-Round Maintenance

Quality rental property maintenance can't begin when something goes wrong and a property needs a repair. Preventing repairs and keeping your rentals in excellent condition year-round requires a proactive approach to maintenance. Without staying ahead of things that can go wrong with your properties, renters won't stay, and you risk overspending your maintenance budget on costly repairs that could have been prevented. 

Beechview renters know what to look for in a quality rental home, and excellent maintenance is one of the best ways to attract quality renters who renew their lease! When residents experience a poorly maintained rental home and long delays waiting for repairs, they won't stick around for another lease term. 

Excellent property maintenance also improves your property values and reduces repair costs. With the best Beechview property management company, investors experience a proactive approach to maintenance that includes:

  • Scheduled inspections for Move-In, Move-Out, and during the lease term

  • Seasonal maintenance to prevent problems before they happen

  • Prompt, quality repairs 

  • Expert, vetted contractors to work safely in rental homes

  • 24/7 availability to receive and respond to resident emergency requests at any time

Our expert maintenance services help investors maximize repair and maintenance budgets while keeping residents safe and comfortable in their rental homes. Partner with a property manager who understands how maintenance matters! You'll enjoy a boost to your real estate investment income and reduce resident turnover. 

Better Renters for Your Properties

A well-maintained rental property needs quality residents to protect your investments and income. However, without an effective screening process, real estate investors risk dealing with difficult renters who become expensive problems. 

The ideal renter pays the rent on time, takes good care of your rental, and follows the rules in the lease. When you find renters like this, you want to keep them—but they aren't always easy to find without the right help. 

An expert Beechview property management team knows how to identify red flags that signal a potential renter who might be a bad choice for your properties. A property manager also knows how to screen applicants and find renters who meet your criteria and show signs of becoming an excellent resident.

Our screening process includes:

  • Establishing legal resident criteria with property owners

  • A thorough rental application to collect critical information

  • Credit history, employment and income verification, criminal background check, reference checks, and prior rental history

  • Following the law to avoid discriminatory practices

Protecting your Beechview properties from bad renters and operating your business within the law requires the right experience and industry knowledge. Our team stays up-to-date on all laws regarding handling private data and fair renter selection. Investors never have to worry about the quality of renters we place in your properties or violating laws during the resident screening process. 

Expert Recommendations

Finding renters, excellent maintenance, and collecting the rent aren't the only essential aspects of making more money from your rental properties in Beechview. Managing rental properties is a full-time job with many details that can make or break your success depending on your choices. 

A property manager helps investors navigate every aspect of owning and managing successful rentals, including:

Decisions like these (and many others) can minimize risks, improve your options when it's time for a new renter, and help investors make more money. Partnering with the best Beechview property management company means investors have the best expert insights to make smart decisions and build more long-term wealth through real estate investments. 

Our Experts Maximize Your Beechview Rental Property Income

Don't miss out on the real estate investment opportunities in the Beechview neighborhood of Pittsburgh! When you partner with the Rentwell Beechview property management team, we analyze every aspect of your properties and apply effective strategies to help you make more money. From finding the best properties to reducing vacancy cycles, delivering year-round professional maintenance, screening and placing the best renters, and guiding you through every critical detail, we do it all. 

If you're looking into Beechview for the first time or you're ready to add another property to your real estate investment portfolio, contact us to learn how we help investors maximize their income!

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