Being a successful Philly real estate investor requires expert help from professionals! While you can make money from a rental property on your own, to grow your portfolio and long-term wealth, a professional Philadelphia property manager is the best way to get more out of your investments. 

Real estate is the long-game—but professional Philadelphia property management can help you improve your monthly income now! Getting more out of your investments sooner helps investors grow the kind of sustainable wealth that funds your future! 

What does a property manager do to help investors improve their investment income? From marketing to maintenance and managing your residents, choosing the right property manager for your Philadelphia rental properties is one of the smartest decisions you can make! Here's why. 

Professional Marketing Makes a Difference

You've probably put a 'For Rent' sign in the yard and posted your available property online—but were you able to find a quality renter? How long did it take? Are you charging enough rent for your property? 

Marketing is more than signage and sharing your listing on a few websites! To maximize the income from a property, your marketing starts with determining the best rental rate and targeting your ideal renter! When you know how much money you need to make and you have an idea of the type of resident that's the best fit for your property, you'll generate more income.

A Property Manager Markets For Best Profits

Professional marketing isn't an expense—it's a necessity! You're selling yourself (and your income) short if you haven't stepped up your marketing game to attract high-quality renters who will pay the right amount of rent. 

Expert Philadelphia property management:

  • Helps you identify your target renter audience. Your renter criteria apply to every applicant when choosing your next resident. 
  • Uses rental property analysis to set the right rental price. If you charge too much, you won't find renters to pay that price. If you don't charge enough, you lose money every month!
  • Creates a compelling property listing. Targeting your ideal residents requires a property listing that stops potential renters from scrolling by! From the property's description to using professional photos, a property manager helps your property stand out from the rest. 
  • Gets the word out. Your property manager has access to every website and resource to reach your target renter audience more effectively—including their own!

Without professional property management to handle your marketing needs, you could be missing out on better renters! If you've struggled to find residents willing to pay the competitive price for your Philadelphia property—or you keep allowing 'sketchy' renters into your rental properties—it's time for a professional Philadelphia property manager to help market your rentals!

Renter Screening Protects Your Investments

With professional property marketing, you'll notice an increase in better applicants who want to live in your rental—but don't take what they put on their application as 'truth' until you do the research to confirm it. 

Better marketing is the first step toward better residents, and tenant screening helps you place the highest quality residents in your properties. Even if a potential new resident looks excellent on paper, you put your property and income at risk if you skip a thorough screening process

It's an 'Extra' Step You Can't Afford to Skip

Successful investors know that they can't skip the screening process—even if it seems like an extra, unnecessary step. An applicant can put anything on the application! 'Professional Tenants' know precisely what information makes them look like an ideal resident on paper. Without taking the time to verify their information, you could place someone in your Philly property who never intends to pay the rent! 

Your screening process must include a review of:

  • Income and employment verification
  • Credit history (including bankruptcies) 
  • Prior rental history (including evictions or defaults)
  • Reference checks
  • Criminal history

While the law will tell you how you can legally use this information, not taking the time to research it is a significant risk. You could place a new renter with a history of evictions and lease defaults without knowing that critical information about an applicant. 

Screen Pets, Too!

Do you allow pets in your Philadelphia rental properties? If you do, you increase the potential to find excellent residents! 

Pet owners often prove to be some of the best renters. They pay the rent on time, take good care of your property, and follow the rules for keeping their pet in your rental—but be sure you screen pets (along with their owners). Make sure a pet in your property is safe, meets your criteria, and is up-to-date on vaccinations and medical visits. 

Professionals Handle Inspections and Maintenance 

Is your list of maintenance to-dos longer than you'll ever be able to finish? You don't have to do any of it when you hire professional Philadelphia property management (we're just awesome like that).

Investors don't have to try and do it all. From marketing to renter screening and DIY maintenance fixes, your Philly property manager does all of the 'dirty work!' Even if you feel pretty handy with a hammer or a wrench, your time is too valuable to spend on hands-on maintenance work in the middle of your weekend. 

We Keep an Eye on Everything!

Rental properties require year-round care. Most investors don't have the time to give their properties the time and attention they really need to stay in excellent condition. 

When properties fall into disrepair, you face two critical issues: unhappy renters and unsafe properties. Renters won't stay in a property that isn't safe, and they won't stick around for a property owner who doesn't respond to maintenance requests or provide quality repairs. 

Your property manager makes sure your Philadelphia rental properties stay in excellent condition! Routine property inspections help us keep an eye on your rentals—and your residents. We don't wait for something to go wrong or for a renter to break something and fail to report it. We routinely put eyes on your property to stay informed about the condition of your rental! 

Our inspections include:

  • Move-in: Before a new renter moves in, we document the condition of your property.
  • Mid-lease: We check on your property (inside and out) midway through a renter's lease term. 
  • Move-out: We walk the property and compare the condition to the Move-In inspection. 
  • Drive-bys: Unannounced exterior visits help us monitor the care of your property. 

We can't catch everything, but we aren't going to let too much time go by before we check in with your residents and your property! 

We Respond Promptly

When your resident has a maintenance issue, we handle those requests right away. With a Philadelphia property management company, your residents can report a maintenance emergency 24/7—and receive a timely response! Investors don't have to take those middle-of-the-night maintenance calls when you choose an expert Philly property manager.

Expert Philadelphia Property Management Helps Build Your Wealth!

Don't leave money on the table or delay your long-term goals! Choosing professional Philadelphia property management helps investors boost their short-term income to build more long-term wealth and meet your financial goals.

If you're making 'some' money from a rental property, but you want to make more, let Rentwell help! With our professional marketing, renter screening, and care for your properties, you'll experience more long-term wealth through your rental property investments. Plus, you'll have access to our exceptional Rentwell OneRate™ for every service need!

Contact us to learn more about how we can help or get started with a FREE rental analysis of your Philly properties! Our team can review your monthly rental rates and make sure you're charging the right amount to keep from leaving money on the table.

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