Temple University Off-Campus Student Housing Built Illegally?

By Rentwell

When it comes to student housing rentals, safety is typically a major focus. However, Philly.com recently reported that a North Philadelphia building that's currently home to eight Temple University students was built illegally and lacked required safety inspections. 

The building owner, a former Temple University football player and owner of several other, properly licensed properties, insists that the building has been inspected and can't explain the missing licenses. Despite having a rental license, the certificate of occupancy which ensures that building is safe for habitation is missing. The Department of Licenses and Inspections is giving the building owner 35 days to come up with the required certificate of occupancy, but if he does not the off-campus building will be shut down and tenants forced to leave.


Student Housing Property Manager

One of the biggest worries for property owners and managers is that a property is unsafe for tenants. Given that most Temple University student housing is rented to inexperienced tenants, safety often becomes an even bigger issue. When you hire a property management team, a majority of standard policies that protect the student renter go into effect. At Rentwell, we make sure the building is safe before allowing anyone to move in. Our student housing tenants benefit from the following policies:

  • Acquiring a use & occupancy, county or township license
  • Ensuring fire protection by installing ten-year smoke detectors, etc.
  • Walk-through inspections to identify any safety hazards prior to move-in

While correctly navigating through the building process may seem daunting to the average homeowner, experienced property management teams are very familiar with building codes as well as the necessary permits and inspections. Having a knowledgeable manager on your side is sure to make the process go smoother. 


For more information, visit our student housing management page.