Renting After Retirement: The Benefits

By Rentwell

These days, it's becoming more and more popular for retirees to sell their family homes and rent. Giving up the responsibilities of home-ownership is attractive to some, while slightly scary for others. While renting might be a new idea for some retirees, it's certainly nothing to fear. We've put together some of the benefits of renting to help ease your worries.

1. No Mortgage

You won't be restricted by a home loan any longer. Though you'll still make rent payments, you are only bound by a lease, which affords much more freedom. 

2. Free to Travel

You don't have to keep up with a full house, so you're free to come and go as you please. If you think you might like to spend a year or two at the beach, you can pack up and go ahead.


3. Don't Worry About Maintenance

You have a landlord and property manager now. Don't waste your time replacing old appliances, shoveling snow, or landscaping. Enjoy an updated living space with limited responsibilities.


4. One Word: Amenities

If you move into a community-style living space, you might gain access to certain amenities like fitness centers, pools, and private parking. This does a great deal to make your retirement feel like the vacation you deserve.


After reading this post, is it still unclear why so many are choosing to rent in their retirement? If so, contact Rentwell to learn more about available rentals near you.