Managing a rental property is hard work. Believe us, we know! Luckily for us, it's work we truly love, and we're dedicated to doing it better than anyone else in Delaware County County—and beyond! If you're an investor or homeowner looking for a little help managing your property, you need to work with Delaware County property management professionals who understand the struggles you're facing. 

Our team at Rentwell Delaware County leases, manages, and maintains rental properties of all kinds for our valued customers throughout Delaware County and the surrounding areas. We're committed to communication and customer service, and we employ a hands-on team of management pros who treat your property like it was their own. 

Investor Peace of Mind

Our most important goal is to provide our clients and customers with peace of mind. We understand the hard work and responsibility that comes with managing rental properties. Whether you're renting out a single-family home or own a whole block of condos, we have the tools and resources to make it easier than you ever thought possible.

This includes top-notch resources like:

  • 24-hour maintenance support
  • Online access for residents and owners
  • Timely and consistent rent collection
  • Thorough screening services
  • Professional communication and information management
  • Financial and legal assistance.

If you're a property investor—or even just someone with a rental property on your hands—and you want to learn more about managing your properties to see the big bucks, we encourage you to reach out to Rentwell Delaware County to learn more about our Delaware County property management servicesOur goal is to provide you and your residents with peace of mind from start to finish. Here's how we do it.

Filling Vacant Properties

There's no greater drain on your rental business than vacancies. Our team conducts comprehensive rental analysis and utilizes cutting-edge marketing to ensure that your property is always filled. Whether you're renting one unit or a hundred, we strive to get—and keep—quality renters. We'll even process all the applications, draw up a leasing agreement that meets your approval, and get each renter's John Hancock on the dotted line.

Screening Potential Residents

A bad resident can bring a world of headaches to your rental. Our research suggests that 98% of your profitability is based on renter selection, so it's important to know who you might be renting to. With our extensive screening process, you can rest easy knowing that every resident has had a thorough background check, including criminal, eviction, and credit history. 

Managing Maintenance

We wouldn't presume to know your reasons for getting into the rental business—but it probably wasn't so you could change furnace filters and unclog drains (just a guess, here). Maintenance eats up a lot of your time when you're an investor, especially if you own multiple properties.

For many property owners, there simply aren't enough hours in the day for DIY maintenance! That's why we're glad to handle maintenance for you as part of our Delaware County property management services. That includes seasonal maintenance, preventative maintenance, general upkeep, and just about every other kind of maintenance needed to make sure your properties are always in tip-top shape. 

24-Hour Emergency Support

When you own a rental property, it's only a matter of time before a sudden emergency repair is needed. Maybe the roof leaks, a window is broken, or the hot water tank needs to be replaced. For some reason, it always seems to happen in the middle of the night or on a weekend. Not to worry; at Rentwell Delaware County, we have a team on-call all day, every day. Plus, we've got a deep roster of vendors on hand to efficiently—and affordably—fix any emergency that might come up. 

Timely Rent Collection

Whether rent is your primary income or more like a side hustle, we understand how frustrating late and missed rent payments can be. With that in mind, we manage rent collection on your behalf—and we collect rent on time.

Our easy-to-use Renter Portal makes it fast and easy for our residents to pay their rent online. We consider rent late if it doesn't arrive by the 5th of the month, and we post a notice on the property if we don't get it by the 7th. We never want to resort to eviction, but if things get that far gone, we have a 100% conviction rate in eviction court for cases of non-payment. 

Professional Inspections

We can complete interior and exterior property inspections in each unit, including checking the electrical systems, roof, and other elements. Our team also includes professional property inspectors who will inspect and document each unit before renters move in and after they leave to verify its condition. 

The Best Delaware County Property Management

You don't just need a property manager—you need an ally. A lot of Delaware County property management companies are content to simply find a renter, collect rent every month, and otherwise ignore the property unless there's an emergency. At Rentwell Delaware County, that's just not the way we do things. 

  • We employ a team of dedicated property management professionals who care about what they do, the properties they oversee, and the residents they're responsible for.
  • Our style of property management is hands-on, with immense attention to detail. We aim to set the highest standards with our values of honesty and reliability, and we're always striving to improve your business and our own.

To make investing your 'happy place,' the following is what you can expect from us as your property management partner.

No-Risk Contracts

We put a lot of protections in place to reduce your risk and guarantee our services, including our no-risk contracts.

  • If you're unsatisfied with our services, you can cancel any time without cause or penalty.
  • We guarantee our work in writing and offer a tiered credit system to limit your risk.

Be sure to also ask about some of our other guarantees, including our Nine-Month Tenant Guarantee on every renter we place!

Fair Compensation

We're not in the business of taking advantage of anyone—not you, and not your residents. We only want to be paid fairly for what we do, which is why our services come with no hidden costs, no unexplained charges, and transparent documentation. 

We like things to be forthright and easy to understand, just like you do. Our contracts are simple and straightforward, and you can cancel any time if you're not totally satisfied with our services. 

Open Lines of Communication

It's important to us that those we serve can reach us at any time. We're accessible for questions or concerns 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We also provide a convenient Owner Portal where you can quickly and easily access all your important financial documents, maintenance histories, and other information about managed properties under our care.

Learn More About Delaware County Property Management

Whether you're looking for allies in growing your Delaware County rental property business—or simply want to sleep better at night knowing that your property is well cared for—we're proud to be your allies every step of the way!

We serve all Delaware County neighborhoods, including Bolton Hill, Canton, Charles Village, Fells Point, Federal Hill, and Patterson Park, as well as areas throughout Delaware County County and the surrounding counties. Contact us today to meet our team—and learn more about how Rentwell Delaware County can help take the stress out of being an investor!


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