4 Social Media Tips for Real Estate Professionals

By Rentwell

Social media engagement is a must for the modern professional, especially for those of us in real estate. If you do it correctly, social media can be an excellent marketing tool for your business. However, you could end up wasting time and losing potential clients if you take the wrong approach. 

To make sure you're getting the most out of your posts and tweets, we've assembled the following tips: 


1. Follow the 80/20 Rule. While posting your listings to Facebook is sure to get them noticed, your social media campaign will suffer if that's all you post. Instead, try to make 80% of your posts about topics that relate to the industry and will interest your followers. This will help establish you as an expert as well as keep readers engaged. The other 20% of posts can be about yourself and your business. 


2. Open Communication. If a client or follower interacts with one of your social media profiles, don't ignore it! Always respond and thank them for their comment, even if what they have to say seems negative. Your response shows that you truly care about customer service and are genuinely interested in what your clients have to say. At the end of your posts, you should also ask what your readers think. This encourages interaction and will likely boost your social media presence.


3. Use Contests and Special Offers. Nothing gets people paying attention to your profile quite like a giveaway. Ask followers to participate by uploading photo entries or sharing promotional posts, and reward the winner with a gift card to a home remodeling or decorating store. This will expand your reach, get your followers excited, and encourage new users to like your page. Remember, each new follower is a potential client.


4. Keep Followers Updated. Being on your clients' friends list is a unique opportunity. Be sure to post about what's going on with the company -- if you're participating in a charity function, are closing early, or have hired a new member to your team. Clients enjoy doing business with companies that are personable and easy to reach. Social media allows clients to see your business as a team of individuals and removes that professional barrier. We hoped these tips helped! 


Once you've got your profiles set up, be sure to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google +.