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Property Management in Mt. Lebanon

Searching for expert property management in Mt. Lebanon? Rentwell is your trusted partner.

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Imagine a world where property management complexities are a thing of the past. At Rentwell, we turn that vision into your everyday reality.

A Fresh Approach to Property Management

  • Increased Profits
    Increased Profits

  • 24/7 Emergency Services
    24/7 Emergency Services

  • Peace of Mind
    Peace of Mind

  • No Getting Left in the Dark
    No Getting Left in the Dark

  • No 2 a.m. Calls
    No 2 a.m. Calls

  • No Stress
    No Stress

Managing rental properties is a full-time job that involves an overwhelming amount of commitment. When tenants are locked out of their apartment at 3 in the morning or have a leaky faucet, you are going to get a phone call. When you work with Rentwell, you do not need to make so many sacrifices in your schedule. We provide round-the-clock tenant services, collect rent, and screen tenants.


Our property management services include:

  • Simple Communication
    Simple Communication

    Unanswered emails? Confusing phone trees? That’s not what we’re about. During business hours we have staff ready to answer your calls, and we’re happy to communicate by email.

  • Convenient Online Owner Access
    Convenient Online Owner Access

    Financial documents, maintenance histories, and other information about managed properties are all available in our Online Owner Portal.

  • Professional Building Inspection
    Professional Building Inspection

    Interior and exterior property inspections are completed in each unit to check the electrical systems, roof, etc. After every unit is inspected we develop a status report and provide this to the owner of exactly what condition each unit is in.

  • 247-Emergency-Services
    24/7 Emergency Services

    Rentwell provides every resident with a toll free 800-number that is available 24/7/365. This attentiveness reduces the cost of maintenance by instructing tenants on how to handle problems until a professional arrives.

  • On-Time Rent Collection
    On-Time Rent Collection

    Rent is considered late on the 5th and by the 7th we post a notice to the property. For any late payment we have our professional staff contact the tenant. We have 100% conviction rate in eviction court if the case of non-payment ever gets that far.

Mt. Lebanon Property Management

Mt. Lebanon is located 7 miles south of downtown Pittsburgh. A neighboring suburb of Wexford, West View, and Sewickley, Mt. Lebanon is home to distinct neighborhoods and excellent recreation facilities. For more information about Mt. Lebanon, visit their website.

Mt. Lebanon Local Resources

To help our Mt. Lebanon tenants and property owners get acclimated to the area, we've provided some local resources below.

  • For information about the Mt. Lebanon fire department, visit their web site.

  • Local police information can be found here.

Rather than stressing over all the things on your to-do list--repairs, finding tenants, collecting payments--let Rentwell handle managing your Mt. Lebanon property.