The neighborhood of Beechview offers a perfect mix of city and suburban life. The quiet areas are situated just far enough away from Pittsburgh's center for residents to avoid the busyness and bustle while providing a quick commute to downtown. This is the perfect opportunity to live in a peaceful home without needing to endure a long commute to get to work.

Beechview: Pittsburgh's Ideal Neighborhood

Beechview has been long-established and has a population of nearly 10,000 people. The residents who live in Beechview claim it is the best place to live in Pittsburgh. The neighborhood's close proximity to downtown means the area has been expanding significantly in recent years. There are a good number of coffee shops, restaurants, and shops in an easy walking radius. This makes it incredibly easy for Beechview locals to enjoy their neighborhood and satisfy their needs without having to travel far. Traveling outside of Beechview is easy to do with public transit running directly through the area known as the T. 

Investment Opportunities in Beechview

Although most of the residents of Beechview own their homes, a good ratio of renters remains and is growing as the neighborhood evolves. The median home value in Beechview is a little over $100k, well below the national average. The lower costs of homes in Beechview make it an ideal place to grow your investment portfolio, especially if you utilize the best property management companies in Philadelphito take care of your investment for you. A Philadelphia management company takes the headache out of owning a home and can help maximize your income. The Beechview population consists mainly of young professionals with a median income of about $50k a year. Having a steady career with a solid income makes for ideal renters looking for a great home. Beechview also hosts a diverse demographic population with mainly liberal views, creating a welcoming environment for newcomers.

Neighborhood Features Locals Love

Another feature residents love about the Beechview neighborhood is the abundance of pedestrian and bike-friendly roads in the area. There are several grocery stores and restaurants within easy walking distance. Plenty of sidewalks make it easy to get around the area without a car. The Beechview locals highly enjoy riding bikes and walking their dogs around town. Hidden hiking trails throughout the region also provide plenty of adventures for locals and their furry friends. Many residents own their pets, so a pet-friendly home is sure to draw renters. The best property management companies in Philadelphia can help you navigate the details of screening tenants and allowing pets in your home while avoiding damages to your property. 

Beechview is also home to a few tranquil spots of nature residents can enjoy. At the north end of the neighborhood and right off the highway sits Beechview-Seldom Seen Greenway, a hidden natural gem in the middle of the city. This space provides a few hiking trails that are short enough for beginner hiking enthusiasts to enjoy, along with an abundance of trees and wildlife. A stream runs through the greenway, further enhancing the natural ambiance. At the greenery's top tip, the Beechview-Greenway park is situated for more refreshing views and camping space. Right across the highway and just outside of the Beechview neighborhood lies Mt. Washington park, a 257-square foot green park with elevated city views and restaurants around the area.

Toward the southern end of the neighborhood, a couple of other parks are available for residents to enjoy. Pauline Parkette is a cozy space with a playground for kids to run their energy out, and Beechview Park is a few blocks away for a small but tranquil green space.

Another fun space for the kids in Beechview is the Beechview Spray Park. This place has a splash pad with two playgrounds ideal for big and little kids. Ample parking makes it easy to enjoy this space.

The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh also has a branch located in the Beechview neighborhood that has long served the community. The building received an extensive renovation in 2014 and 2015 to provide even more opportunities for the Beechview locals.

Another exciting feature of the Beechview neighborhood is it is home to Canton Avenue, the steepest street in the U.S. Just imagine using that landmark when giving directions! This street will also be the ideal place to visit after a good snowstorm. 

Restaurants and Groceries in Beechview

There are several restaurants in the Beechview neighborhood and very close to Beechview that residents love. Musa Caribbean and Cajun Fare are at the top of this list, providing a vibrant array of fresh food and an ever-changing menu. There are plenty of vegan and vegetarian options and a lively bar for diners to socialize. Musa serves brunch, lunch, and dinner that's sure to please with intoxicating flavors.

The Huddle restaurant on Broadway has been serving the southside of Pittsburgh since 1975, featuring daily specials, and are known primarily for their wings and other classic American fares.

Speaking of chicken, the Peruvian restaurant Chicken Latino dishes out delicious Latin food in a relaxed, counter-serve setting. 

There are several options for grocery shopping located centrally in the Beechview neighborhood. The IGA Market on Broadway offers unique products that can't be found at other grocery stores with a wide selection of Latin American food products. Just down the street is the Beechview Farmer's Market, where locals can find unique, fresh produce.

A few other international food stores are located throughout Beechview. JMart International Market is located on the south end of the neighborhood and sells Russian products. Kohli's Indian Bazaar is conveniently situated on Banksville Road. 

Making the Most of Your Investment in Beechview

These features of Beechview will draw newcomers who will be in search of a rental home. To be an effective landlord and get your house leased quickly, writing a compelling property listing is vital. The best property management companies in Philadelphia will assist in generating an attention-grabbing listing to fill your investment home quickly. 

Growing your investment portfolio is exciting, especially in an evolving neighborhood like Beechview. However, along with the rewards comes some headaches and confusion. Hiring a Philadelphia property management company eases much of this confusion and headaches. We can provide services to take care of your home from the beginning of the rental process through the end. 

When listing a rental home, the top priority is drawing in qualified renters to minimize the vacancy period. Setting the correct rental rate is a vital part of this process. Setting the rental rate too high drives away renters, while setting the rate too low can be disastrous to your return on the investment home. Working with a qualified property management company in Philadelphia helps you set the correct rental rate to secure the best renters. Another critical part of the rental listing is highlighting the home features with professional listing pictures and a well-written description. We will provide the best listing for your investment home to grab the attention of prospective renters. 

Once the renters are secured, hiring the best property management companies in Philadelphia provides peace of mind for you knowing your investment home is well taken care of. Providing inspections and maintenance work are our primary services while renters are in the house. With regular check-ins and maintenance issues addressed promptly, your home will be in our utmost care, and you can enjoy passive income from your home in Beechview.

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